The Treasure Within

Schahrzad Morgan


Who were you before the world told you who to be?

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Coaching Sessions of Self-Discovery

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You are not broken. You don't need fixing or healing. The truth is: what is inside you is infinitely beautiful and powerful. I invite you to be present with yourself, open to yourself, and seek the answers within you.

Life is a journey.  All humans have attachment to recurring thoughts and uncomfortable feelings from which they distract themselves. In our sessions, we dive right in and feel these feelings so you no longer have to run from them (and yourself) or use energy pushing them away.  This quiets the mind and its attachment to thoughts. We talk about your beliefs and early childhood programming.  We inquire into what YOU really want....not what others told you to want.  I do not solve problems, seek outcomes, or tell you what to do. The goal for my sessions is for you to deepen the connection with yourself.  Once connected, you will become explosively powerful. 

I schedule coaching by phone, zoom, or in -person in my home office in San Diego. You can book just one session, or multiple sessions over months at a time. Whenever you feel ready to move on, we are finished. Usually this is just one session or up to 2 months. I haven’t found anyone who needed more than that, but if you do, I’m here for you!

If this intrigues you, please read on!


After 25 years of marriage and raising 3 children, I filed for divorce so I could "be more and feel more".  Along the way,  I quit my consulting job, published a sex memoir, and lived alone, forcing me to look inward into the relationship with myself.  

I was born in Düsseldorf, Germany, and moved to Omaha, Nebraska as a child. I've practiced Transcendental Meditation since the 70's, speak german and farsi, and love trail runs, meeting people, and personal development.  I have a  B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska - Omaha, and an MBA from Arizona State University-West.  I worked as a Software QC Manager, real estate agent with a blog about the housing bubble, and a K-12 facilities consultant.  Most of my adult life I was a stay-at-home mom.   I have been single for 5 years, and live with my cat Tabby in the San Diego suburb of Vista, California.  


How We Relate to Others (Click on the Videos Below)

Love Starts with Loving Yourself

VIDEO TO BE AVAILABLE SOON What does it mean to "love myself?"  Does it mean more manicures and sports cars?  What if inside myself, there is only a numbness or a black hole or "badness"? There is a treasure within you, which is accessed by being kind to yourself and feeling your emotions!   

Seeking Meaning with Validation and Goals

VIDEO TO BE AVAILABLE SOON Many people seek external validation and wait for that "one day"  when life will become enjoyable. They eternally postpone their happiness.  Once you learn to connect with yourself, you'll enjoy the pleasure of your actions and invite infinite possibilities into your life.

The Fallacy of "The One"

A huge social myth is that our life is complete when we meet that one person with whom we "click", the person who gives us all those things we don't want to give to ourselves.  Once you experience that you are "The One", you can enjoy your relationships, and appreciate the inevitable triggers as growth opportunities.


After 25 years of marriage, Schahrzad Morgan, mother of three, files for divorce and embarks on a powerful journey of desire, love and sexual liberation. Her memoir takes us on her riveting ride, as she lets go of her inhibitions and explores her relationship to her body, desire, and sexuality. What I Did For Sex is a woman’s courageous story about healing old wounds, discovering pleasure, and claiming lust. A must read if you want to get turned on. If you read The F-ck List, you may still enjoy this read. It has additional content, new insights, and spans two additional years.


Changing Our Programming

Programming refers to our automatic mode of going through life, based on what we learned in childhood from our caretakers, society, teachers, and religion.  About 95% of our thoughts and triggers are the same as yesterday, and mostly subconscious (Carl Jung called this the Shadow). The 95% of your brain that is on autopilot is just reacting to everything. 


Accessing Emotions

Most children are raised in homes where many of their emotions are not welcome.  Even loving parents, due to their own disconnection from their emotions or preoccupation with work or other struggles, often send the message, "Your emotions are too much".  Children are adaptive and learn to dissociate from these emotions. 

Emotions are the rich tapestry of life and carry important messages.  They are not meant to be repressed or pushed away.  When we allow ourselves access to all our emotions, the inner void, anxiety, or numbness, give way to an enriching glorious life. 


  Your Higher Mind

Use your higher mind to respond to situations rather than react from your triggers and conditioned behavior, as well as create a vision for the life you want.  



Feel Good Enough for the First Time, Sexually Confident

I found Schahrzad on YouTube and decided to try her coaching.

 I was struggling with my sexual self-worth, because of a cheating ex-boyfriend. I was always comparing myself with other women: "She can squirt and I can't." This resulted in feelings of jealousy & resentment. I also struggled with sexual shame from my upbringing and had subdued my sexiness.

 After 2 months of coaching with Schahrzad, I feel empowered & liberated. I wear my bold red lipstick and I'm dating again. I no longer feel insecure or not good enough. I feel confident and I am not withholding myself anymore. I tell men what I like and what I want. 

 Schahrzad is a badass coach. She never judged me or told me what to do. She has the techniques and style that helped me find my own power.  

K., female, age 35, Amsterdam

My Wife No Longer Leaves The Room When I Enter

Thank you Schahrzad!

Calling you out of the blue was probably the one best thing I have done for my marriage and for myself. 

I probably can’t convey clearly, but I wanted to tell you that you helped me gain insight into myself, and the difference between the feelings I was projecting on my wife, what was reality and what I desired.  

The marriage counselor I saw was helpful in helping me understand outward interactions with my wife, but not really in coming to grips with WHY I was feeling put off or slighted. 

Having your non-judgmental sounding board that neither approved or disapproved of what I said allowed the noise and fear in my own mind to get turned off and get a better understanding of what I want. 

This "coming to grips" with what I actually want and what was just fantasy gave me peace to regain the enjoyment and contentment of being married again and be happy and confident with myself. 

 Since I am not irritated all the time, my wife says she is less on edge and is happier too, and it shows.  She doesn't leave the room when I come in anymore. 

 I am still shocked at the difference and peace it has brought us.

Male, age 49, married 21 years

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